Nature of business

ZCI Limited (“ZCI”) is incorporated in Bermuda. Its ordinary shares were, until July 2018, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (“JSE”) and on Euronext Paris. ZCI owns 40 % of the ordinary shares in Leboam Holdings Proprietary Limited (‘Leboam’) and 100% of the ordinary shares in Matsitama Minerals Proprietary Limited (‘Matsitama’). Both Leboam and Matsitama are based in Botswana with the former being principally a copper mining and development company while the latter is a mineral exploration company.

ZCI’s main projects include its share of Leboam’s copper-producing open pits and plant at Mowana Mine and Matsitama’s 3,506 sq km of mineral exploration properties. Both of these projects are located close to Botswana’s second largest city, Francistown, in the north-eastern part of the country.

Mowana Mine and all current estimated mineral resources and reserves comprise mining license 2006/53L, with an area of 32.7sq km and valid until the end of 2031 as well as other properties in the area. Thakadu Pit is situated within mining license 2010/96L, which is valid until March 2019. Mowana mine is currently in the process of ramping up to its name plate production capacity of 1.2million tonnes of ore per annum.

Matsitama, ZCI’s 100% owned subsidiary owns the Matsitama Project, consisting of prospecting licences contiguous with the Mowana Mine deposit and in which the group is exploring for IOCG and similar deposits..